Auto Object Framing

When the camera detects and shoots faces, close-ups, or subjects tracked by the tracking focus function, the captured image is automatically trimmed for the best composition.
Both the original and trimmed images are recorded. The trimmed image is recorded in the same size as the original image.
  1. MENU 2 [Auto Object Framing] desired mode

The icon on the screen turns green when the camera decides that an image being captured can be trimmed.
  • After shooting, the trimmed area is indicated by a frame on the auto review screen.

Sets whether or not to use [Auto Object Framing].


  • The image may not be trimmed into its optimal composition depending on the shooting conditions.

  • Auto Object Framing cannot be used in the following settings.

  • When [Quality] is set to [RAW] or [RAW & JPEG]

  • When [DRO/Auto HDR] is set to [Auto HDR]

  • When [Focus Mode] is set to [Manual Focus]

  • When [Drive Mode] is set to [Cont. Shooting], [Spd Priority Cont.], [Self-timer(Cont)], [Bracket: Cont.] or [WB bracket]

  • When [ISO] is set to [Multi Frame Noise Reduct.]

  • When [Smile/Face Detect.] is set to [Off], you cannot use [Auto Object Framing] for faces.

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