1. MENU 3 [ISO] desired mode

  • In case you select [Multi Frame Noise Reduct.] or [ISO AUTO], press on the control wheel to display the setting screen, then select a desired value.

(Multi Frame Noise Reduct.)
The camera overlays the continuous shots so that an image with less noise results. Press on the control wheel to display the setting screen, then select a desired value from ISO AUTO, 200 to 25600 using /.
The camera sets the ISO sensitivity automatically based on the surrounding light conditions. You can set the maximum and minimum ISO value for [ISO AUTO] mode. Press to display the setting screen.

You can reduce image blurring in dark locations or with moving subjects by increasing the ISO sensitivity (select a larger number).

Adjusting ISO Sensitivity (Recommended Exposure Index)
ISO sensitivity is a speed rating for recording media that incorporates an image sensor that receives light. Even when the exposure is the same, images differ depending on the ISO sensitivity.
High ISO sensitivity
Records a bright image even in dark locations while increasing shutter speed to reduce blur.
However, the image tends to be noisy.
Low ISO sensitivity
Records a smoother image.
However, when the exposure is insufficient, the image may be darker.
  • You cannot select [ISO AUTO] when the camera is set to [Manual Exposure]. [ISO 160] is the default setting.

  • When [ISO] is set to a value lower than ISO 160, the range for recordable subject brightness (dynamic range) may decrease.

  • For movies, the value between ISO 160 to ISO 3200 is available.

  • When [ISO] is set to [Multi Frame Noise Reduct.], the camera overlays the images. It takes more time to record an image, and the flash does not operate.

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