Picture Effect

Select the desired effect filter to achieve a more impressive and artistic expression.
  1. MENU 3 [Picture Effect] desired mode

  • If you select a mode with optional settings, select the desired setting using / on the control wheel.

  • If you want to add effects to movies, press the MOVIE (Movie) button.

Does not use [Picture Effect].
(Toy Camera)
Allows you to shoot images with effects such as tunnel effect, high contrast, or color cast as if they were shot with a toy camera. You can set the color tone using /.
(Pop Color)
Allows you to shoot a pop art-like colorful image with emphasis on the color tone.
Creates a high contrast, abstract look by heavily emphasizing primary colors, or in black and white.
You can select primary colors or black and white using /.
(Retro Photo)
Creates the look of an aged photo with sepia color tones and faded contrast.
(Soft High-key)
Allows you to shoot soft, clear images with an emphasis on brightness.
(Partial Color)
Allows you to shoot an image that makes a strong impression by leaving a specified color on portions of a monochrome image. You can select the color to be left using /.
(High Contrast Mono.)
Creates an intense, high-contrast image in black and white.
(Soft Focus)
Creates an image filled with a soft lighting effect.
You can set the intensity of the effect using /.
(HDR Painting)
Allows you to shoot multiple images with different exposures to create a single image that looks like an oil painting. You can set the effect intensity using /.
(Rich-tone Mono.)
Allows you to shoot multiple images with different exposures, to create a single monochrome image with rich gradation and detail.
Allows an image to be processed so that it looks as though you were shooting dioramas. One part of the image is blurred for a high-contrast image. You can change the blurred part using /.
Allows you to shoot an image with ink bleed and blurring effects as if it painted with watercolors.
Allows you to shoot an illustration-like image by emphasizing the outlines. You can set the effect intensity using /.

To add an effect to a movie
  • The following [Picture Effect] modes are effective for movies. The Dual Rec function cannot be used.

  • [Toy Camera]

  • [Pop Color]

  • [Posterization]

  • [Retro Photo]

  • [Soft High-key]

  • [Partial Color]

  • [High Contrast Mono.]

  • The [Miniature] effect may not be applied when using a zoom function other than optical zoom.

  • When using [Partial Color], the selected color may not remain depending on the subject or shooting condition.

  • In the following situations, you cannot confirm the effect before shooting. You also cannot set [Drive Mode].

  • [Soft Focus]

  • [HDR Painting]

  • [Rich-tone Mono.]

  • [Miniature]

  • [Watercolor]

  • [Illustration]

  • When the contrast of the scene is low or when significant camera shake or subject blur has occurred with [HDR Painting] or [Rich-tone Mono.] selected, you may not obtain good HDR images. If the camera detects such situations, is indicated on the recorded image to inform you of this situation. Shoot again, as necessary, recomposing or paying attention to the blur.

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