Func. of Center Button

Allows you to select frequently used functions and assign them to the center button on the control wheel.
  1. MENU 2 [Func. of Center Button] desired mode

The function assigned to the center button on the control wheel is different depending on the [Autofocus Area] setting.

AEL toggle
Assigns the functions that you set.

AF/MF Control Toggle

Focus Magnifier

Functions assigned when [Func. of Center Button] is set to [Standard]

[Autofocus Area] setting
Assigned setting
Tracking focus
Tracking focus
Flexible Spot
Change focus area

AEL toggle

When it is hard to obtain an appropriate exposure for a subject, this function allows you to lock the exposure by focusing on and measuring the light of an area that has the desired brightness.
  1. MENU 2 [Func. of Center Button] [AEL toggle]

  1. Aim the camera at an area to which you want to match the exposure.

The exposure is set.
  1. Press on the control wheel.

The exposure is locked, and (AE lock) lights up.
  1. Focus on your subject and shoot it.

  1. To cancel the exposure lock, press again.

AF/MF Control Toggle

You can switch auto focus and manual focus temporarily.
  1. MENU 2 [Func. of Center Button] [AF/MF Control Toggle]

  1. Press to switch auto focus and manual focus.

When [Focus Mode] is set to [Manual Focus], the camera switches to [Single-shot AF], and when [Focus Mode] is set to other than [Manual Focus], it switches to [Manual Focus]. Press to return to the previous mode.

Focus Magnifier

In [Manual Focus] mode, you can enlarge the image on the screen to make manual-focusing easier by using [Focus Magnifier].
  1. MENU 2 [Func. of Center Button] [Focus Magnifier]

  1. Press to enlarge the image.

  • You can set the length of time the image will be enlarged using [Focus Magnif. Time].

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