Specify Printing

DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) is a function that allows you to specify the images of the memory card that you want to print out later.
The (Print order) mark is displayed for registered images.
  1. MENU 2 [Specify Printing] desired setting

DPOF Setup
Multiple Img.
You can select and order multiple images to be printed.
  1. After step 1, select an image to be printed, then press .

To cancel the selection, press again to cancel the mark.
  1. MENU [OK]

Cancel All
Clears all DPOF marks.
Date Imprint

Sets whether or not to date the DPOF marked images when printing them.

  • The (Print order) mark cannot be added to movies.

  • You can add a (Print order) mark to a maximum 999 images.

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