Charging the battery pack

  • The supplied AC Adaptor is dedicated to this camera. Do not connect with other electronic devices. Doing so may cause a malfunction. Also, make sure to use a genuine Sony AC Adaptor.

  • If the Power/Charge lamp of the camera flashes during charging, remove the battery pack being charged, and then insert the same battery pack into the camera securely again. If the Power/Charge lamp flashes again, this may indicate a battery error or that a battery pack other than the specified type has been inserted. Check that the battery pack is the specified type. If the battery pack is the specified type, remove the battery pack, replace it with a new or different one and check that the battery is charged correctly. If the battery is charged correctly, a battery error may have occurred.

  • If the Power/Charge lamp flashes even if the AC Adaptor is connected to the camera and the wall outlet (wall socket), this indicates that charging has stopped temporarily and is on standby. Charging stops and enters standby status automatically when the temperature is outside of the recommended operating temperature. When the temperature returns to the appropriate range, charging resumes and the Power/Charge lamp lights up again. We recommend charging the battery pack in an ambient temperature of between 10°C to 30°C (50°F to 86°F).

  • Power is not supplied during shooting/playback if the camera is connected to a wall outlet with the supplied AC adaptor. To supply power to the camera during shooting/playback, use the AC-UD10 (sold separately) or AC-UD11* (sold separately) AC adaptor.

* The AC Adaptor AC-UD11 (sold separately) may not be available in some countries/regions.