Charging the battery pack using the AC Adaptor

  1. Close the LCD screen.

  1. Open the battery/memory card/jack cover.

A: Battery/memory card/jack cover
B: Cover lock lever
  • Slide the cover lock lever () to slide back the battery/memory card/jack cover (). Then open the battery/memory card/jack cover ().

  1. Insert the battery.

  • Insert the battery () while pressing and holding the battery release lever ().

  1. For customers in the USA and Canada:
    Connect the AC Adaptor (AC-UD11, ) and the USB cable () to your camcorder and the wall outlet (wall socket).
    For customers in countries/regions other than the USA and Canada:
    Connect the AC Adaptor (AC-UD10, ), the power cord (mains lead) () and the USB cable () to your camcorder and the wall outlet (wall socket).

  • The CHG (charge) lamp () turns on.

  • The CHG (charge) lamp turns off when the battery pack is fully charged. Disconnect the USB cable from the Multi/Micro USB Terminal of your camcorder.

  1. Close the battery/memory card/jack cover.

  • Flip the battery/memory card/jack cover back (), then slide () and close the cover firmly until the yellow mark of the cover lock lever is hidden.

  • You cannot insert any battery pack other than an NP-BX1 (supplied) into your camcorder.

  • You cannot use a Sony CP-AH2R, CP-AL, or AC-UP100 portable power supply device (sold separately) to charge camcorder.

  • In the default setting, the LCD screen turns dark if you do not operate the camcorder for about 1 minute, and the power turns off if you do not opearate the camcorder for 2 minutes, to save battery power ([Power Save]).

Charging time

Approximately 155 minutes required when you fully charge a fully discharged battery pack with AC Adaptor.
  • The charging time shown above is measured when charging the camcorder at a temperature of 25 °C (77 °F). It is recommended that you charge the battery in a temperature range of 10 °C to 30 °C (50 °F to 86 °F).

To remove the battery pack

  1. Close the LCD screen, slide the cover lock lever to slide back the battery/memory card/jack cover, and then open the battery/memory card/jack cover.

  1. Slide the battery release lever () and remove the battery pack ().

  • Make sure that the battery does not fall out.

On the power supply

You can connect the USB cable to an AC Adaptor that is connected to a wall outlet (wall socket) so that the power can be supplied to the camcorder.
You can also connect your camcorder to a computer using the USB cable, so that the power will be supplied from the computer, then you do not have to worry about the amount of power remaining in the battery while copying images from the camcorder, etc.
  • Insert the battery into the camcorder before connecting it to a power supply either by connecting the camcorder to the AC Adaptor or the computer.

  • The recording mode can be selected only when the camcorder is connected to the AC Adaptor or a computer which is compatible with a 1,500 mA standard power supply.

  • When you connect the camcorder to a computer using the USB cable during playback, the USB connection screen appears. It will turn to the Playback screen if you select [Yes].

To check the remaining battery power

An icon indicating the remaining battery power is displayed.


  • It will take approximately 1 minute to display the correct remaining battery power.

  • The remaining battery power may not be displayed correctly depending on ambient conditions and the environment in which you are using your camcorder.

  • Your camcorder cannot display the remaining battery life in minutes using the “InfoLITHIUM” battery.

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