Dividing a movie

  1. Select [Divide] on the movie playback screen.

  1. Select the point where you want to divide the movie into scenes using /, and then select .

A: Returns to the beginning of the selected movie
B: Adjusts the dividing point with more precision
  • A slight difference may occur from the point where you select and the actual dividing point, as your camcorder selects the dividing point based on about half-second increments.

  • An MP4 movie cannot be divided.

  • Some basic editing operations can be done on the camcorder. If you want to do advanced editing operations, use the “PlayMemories Home” software.

  • Do not remove the battery pack or the AC Adaptor from your camcorder while dividing the images. It may damage the recording media.

  • Do not eject the memory card while dividing images from the memory card.

  • If you divide movies that are included in saved scenarios, the scenarios will also be deleted.

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