Enjoying a digest of your movies (Highlight Playback)

You can enjoy a digest of high definition image quality (HD) movies and photos, similar to a short movie.
  1. Select (View Images) on the LCD screen to enter the playback mode.

  1. Display the desired event at the center of the Event View, and select [Highlight].

The camcorder starts Highlight Playback.
A: Volume adjustment
B: Context
C: To stop
D: Previous
E: To pause
F: Next

Enhancing the Highlight Playback experience

You can replay or save Highlight Playback scenes by selecting (Context) on the screen after a Highlight Playback has finished or while playing a Highlight Playback scene.

To change the settings for Highlight Playback

You can change the Highlight Playback settings by selecting [Highlight Setting] on the screen after Highlight Playback has finished.
You can also change the setting by selecting [Highlight Setting] while the camcorder is playing highlight scenes.
  • [Playback Range]: You can set the playback range (starting and ending date) of the Highlight Playback.

  • [Theme]: You can select a theme for Highlight Playback.

  • [Music]: You can select music.

  • [Audio mix]: The original sound is played back with the music.

  • [Length]: You can set the length of the Highlight Playback segment.

  • [Highlight Point]: You can set the points in a movie or photo that will be used in a Highlight Playback. Play the desired movie, and select . Or play the desired photo and select . appears on the movie or photo that is used in a Highlight Playback.
    To erase the points, select [Clear All Points].

  • An MP4 movie cannot be used for Highlight Playback.

  • Highlight Playback scenes will change each time you select a Highlight Playback.

  • The [Playback Range] setting is cleared when the Highlight Playback stops.

  • If the Highlight Playback function was started from the Map View, [Highlight Point] cannot be set. However, if the Highlight Playback function was started from the Event View screen and you set the [Highlight Point], the point can take effect on the Map View also (HDR-GW66V/ GW66VE/ GWP88V/ GWP88VE).

  • When you connect the camcorder to an external device, such as a TV, and watch Highlight Playback, these images do not appear on the LCD screen of the camcorder.