Connecting the camcorder to a high definition TV

When movies are recorded with high definition image quality (HD), they are played back in high definition image quality (HD) on a high definition TV.
If the TV does not have an HDMI input jack, use an AV Cable (sold separately). [Details]
:Signal flow
  1. Switch the input on the TV to the connected jack.

  1. Connect the HDMI cable ( ; supplied) to the HDMI OUT jack () on the camcorder and to the HDMI IN jack () on the TV.

  1. Play a movie or a photo on the camcorder.

On an HDMI cable

  • It is recommended that you use an authorized cable with HDMI logo or a Sony HDMI cable.

  • Use an HDMI micro connector on one end (for the camcorder), and a plug suitable for connecting your TV on the other end.

  • Copyright-protected images are not output from the HDMI OUT jack of your camcorder.

  • Some TVs may not function correctly (e.g., no sound or image) with this connection.

  • Do not connect the camcorder HDMI OUT jack to an external device HDMI OUT jack, as malfunction may result.

  • HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is an interface to send both video/audio signals. The HDMI OUT jack outputs high quality images and digital audio.

  • Refer to the instruction manuals of the TV as well.

  • Use the supplied AC Adaptor as the power source. [Details]

  • When movies are recorded with standard image quality (STD), they are played back in standard definition image quality (STD) even on a high definition TV.