Golf Shot

Divides 2 seconds of fast movement into frames which are then recorded as a movie and photos. You can view a series of movement when playing back, which is convenient in cases such as checking golf swing or tennis form.
  1. [Shooting Mode] [Golf Shot].

  1. On the [Golf Shot] screen, frame the subject in the grid in the center of the screen, then press START/STOP right after the subject has taken a swing.

Timing that the camcorder starts recording

If the moment when the largest sound in 1 second after the START/STOP button is pressed has been detected, the camcorder assumes the moment as the sound of a club hitting the ball.
When the sound of a club hitting the ball is detected, the recording time period is automatically adjusted according to at that moment.
A: The sound of a club hitting the ball*
B: The point when you press START/STOP
C: The camcorder records images in this 2 seconds period.
* The camcorder sets the point when the loudest sound in the past 1 second is detected, as the sound of a club hitting the ball.

To check your form using self-timer

Select []/[] [On].
The camcorder starts countdown of the timer after you press the START/STOP button.
The point when the count reaches 0 is assumed as the moment of impact and motion before and after 0 is recorded.
  • If the camcorder cannot detect the sound of a club hitting the ball, the camcorder automatically sets the impact point at 0.5 second before the START/STOP button has been pressed, and records a movie in the time period between 1.5 seconds before the impact point to 0.5 second after the impact point.

  • The size of photos becomes 1,920 1,080.

  • You cannot record sound.

  • Image quality is not as good as that of normal recording.

  • [REC Mode] will be set to [Standard ] automatically.

  • The image recorded may be noisy when your camcorder has failed to analyze the shot properly because there may be movement in background of the [Golf Shot] recording screen. It is recommended that you record images under stable conditions (for example, using a tripod).