iSweep Panorama

You can make a panoramic photo by taking multiple photos as you sweep the camcorder and combining them into one.
  1. [MODE] [iSweep Panorama].

  1. Align the camcorder with the end of the subject to be shot and press PHOTO.

A: This part will not be recorded.
  • You can select the direction in which you move the camcorder by touching /// on the LCD screen.

  1. Sweep the camcorder to the end point of the guide (B), following the indication on the screen.

B: Guide
  • You can play the panoramic photos using the “PlayMemories Home” software.

To select the image size of the photo taken by iSweep Panorama

Select / before you start shooting.
  • [Standard] (the default setting)

Horizontal: 4,912 × 1,080
Vertical: 3,424 × 1,920
  • [Wide]

Horizontal: 7,152 × 1,080
Vertical: 4,912 × 1,920

Tips on shooting panoramic photos

Sweep the camcorder around you at slow and steady speed (about 5 seconds for 180 degrees). A message will alert you if the speed is too high or too low. It is recommended that you practice the sweeping movement in advance before you take a panoramic photo.
  • For taking a good panoramic photo, it is also important to keep sufficient distance between the subject and the background or to shoot in bright places such as outdoors.