You can select the flash setting when you record photos using the built-in flash, or an external flash (sold separately) that is compatible with your camcorder.
  1. [Camera/Mic] [Flash] [Flash].

  1. Select the desired item.

Automatically flashes when there is insufficient ambient light.

On ()
Always uses the flash regardless of the surrounding brightness.

Off ()
Records without flash.

If white circular spots appear on photos

This is caused by particles (dust, pollen, etc.) floating close to the lens. When they are accentuated by the camcorder’s flash, they appear as white circular spots. To reduce the white circular spots, light the room and shoot the subject without a flash.
  • The recommended distance to the subject when using the built-in flash is approximately 0.3 m to 2.5 m (1 foot to 8 feet).

  • Remove any dust from the surface of the flash before using it. The heat of flash emission may cause dirt on the flash surface to emit smoke or to scorch the surface. If dirt or dust adhere to the surface of the flash use a soft cloth to clean it.

  • The flash does not flash while the (Movie) mode is selected.