Auto Clock ADJ (HDR-GW66V/ GW66VE/ GWP88V/ GWP88VE)

The camcorder can maintain accurate time automatically by acquiring time information from the GPS system.
  1. [Setup] [Clock Settings] [Auto Clock ADJ ].

  1. Select the desired item.

Maintains accurate time automatically.

Does not maintain accurate time using the GPS system.

  • You must set the date and time on your camcorder before use. [Details]

  • There may be discrepancies of a few seconds even if [Auto Clock ADJ ] is activated.

  • This function automatically adjusts the clock when the camcorder receives GPS signals and finishes triangulating successfully while the power is on. Once the clock is adjusted, it will not be adjusted until the next time you turn the camcorder on again.

  • The clock may not be adjusted to the correct time automatically using the GPS system, depending on the country/region selected for your camcorder. In this case, set [Auto Clock ADJ ] to [Off].