Playing music

To play music, select [Music] on the Home menu to display the [Music] screen.
  1. From the Home menu, select [Music].

The search menu appears.
  • You can select the desired search method to display the music list screen and search for songs [Details].

  1. Select desired search method desired song.

The music playback screen appears and song playback begins.
  • Select items until a song list appears.

  • For details on how to operate the music playback screen, see [Details].

  • It may take time to start up your Walkman or display the file/folder list when many files or folders are stored on the Walkman.

About volume operation (Only for countries/areas complying with European Directives)

An alarm (beep) and warning [Check the volume level] are meant to protect your ears when you raise the volume setting beyond [14]. You can cancel the alarm and warning by pressing any button.
  • You can turn up the volume beyond [14] after canceling the alarm and warning.

  • After the initial warning, the alarm and warning repeat for every 20 cumulative hours that the volume is set beyond [14]; when this happens, the volume is changed to the initial setting automatically.

  • If the volume is set beyond [14] and you turn off the Walkman, the volume returns to [14] automatically.

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