Searching for songs

When you select [Music] on the Home menu, the search menu appears. You can select the desired search method on the search menu to search the music list for a desired song.
  1. From the Home menu, select [Music] desired search method desired song.

  • Select items as follows until a song list appears.

Search method

[All Songs]
Select a song from the all songs list.
Select an album song.
[Artist] (*1)
Select an artist an album song.
Select a genre an artist an album song.
[Release Year]
Select a release year an artist song.
Select a folder song.

(*1) “The” at the beginning of artist names is ignored when arranging a list.
  • [All Songs], [Album], [Artist] and [Genre] lists are arranged in alphanumeric order. The [Release Year] list is arranged in reverse chronological order. In the [Folder] list, folders are displayed in name order first, then files are displayed in name order. In this case, upper or lower case letters are not distinguished.

  • You can see all the songs of the selected artist, genre or release year. On the [Artist], [Genre] or [Release Year] list screen, select [All [XXX]].