Playing the songs in a playlist

You can play lists of songs (playlists).
Playlists are created using Windows Media Player or Media Go. For information on how to create a playlist, refer to the Help of Windows Media Player or Media Go. Cover art images registered to a playlist are not displayed on your Walkman.
  1. From the Home menu, select [Playlists] desired playlist desired song.

About the playlist format

Playlists are formatted as below:

Playlist format
Windows Media Player
Media Go (Ver. 2.4 or higher) (*1)
.m3u (*1)
iTunes (*2)

(*1) If a playlist is created using Media Go (Ver. 2.3 or lower), the playlist format becomes “.pla.” If you later update the Media Go version to Ver. 2.4 or higher, and transfer the playlist, the playlist format remains as “.pla,” not “.m3u.”
(*2) If you create a playlist using iTunes and transfer it to your Walkman using Content Transfer, you can use the playlist on your Walkman.
  • If two playlist formats are on your Walkman, the playlists are displayed in alphabetical order, starting with “.pla” format, then followed by “.m3u” format.