Setting the sound quality (CLEAR BASS) [Equalizer]

You can set the sound quality according to the music genre, etc.
Equalizer settings contain the CLEAR BASS setting. Increasing the CLEAR BASS setting value allows your Walkman to reproduce dynamic deep bass without distortion, even at a high volume.

Setting the sound quality

  1. From the Home menu, select [Settings] [Music Settings] [Equalizer] desired equalizer type.

Type - icon
[None] - No icon
Sound quality setting is not activated. (Default setting) (*1)
[Heavy] -
Emphasizes high and low ranges for a powerful sound.
[Pop] -
Stresses the middle range audio, ideal for vocals.
[Jazz] -
Emphasizes high and low ranges for a lively sound.
[Unique] -
Emphasizes high and low ranges, so that even soft sounds can be heard easily.
[Custom 1] -
User-customizable sound settings for which you can adjust each frequency range individually. See [Details] for details.
[Custom 2] -

(*1) The default setting of Walkman sold in the Latin America region is [Custom 1], and CLEAR BASS is set to level +3.
  • If your personal settings saved as [Custom 1] and [Custom 2] seem to produce a different volume level than other settings, you may have to adjust the volume manually to compensate.

  • The [Equalizer] setting is not applied while playing a video or FM radio.

Customizing sound quality

You can preset the value of CLEAR BASS (bass) and 5 band Equalizer as [Custom 1] or [Custom 2].
  1. From the Home menu, select [Settings] [Music Settings] [Equalizer] [Edit] displayed under [Custom 1] or [Custom 2].

  1. Press the / button to select CLEAR BASS or the frequency range setting, and press the / button to adjust the setting level, and then press the button to confirm.

The [Equalizer] screen reappears.
  • CLEAR BASS can be set to any of 4 sound levels, and the 5 frequency ranges can be set to any of 7 sound levels.

  • After you have adjusted the setting level, be sure to press the button to confirm. If you press the BACK/HOME button before you confirm, the setting will be canceled.