Setting the video orientation [Video Orientation]

You can set the video orientation to [Vertical] or [Horiz. (right)].
The operation of the 5-way button is switched according to the setting of [Video Orientation].
  1. From the Home menu, select [Settings] [Video Settings] [Video Orientation] desired video orientation type.

Displays at 128 × 160 pixels. (Default setting)
  1. 16:9 source

  1. 4:3 source

[Horiz. (right)]
Displays at 160 × 128 pixels.
  1. 16:9 source

  1. 4:3 source

  • When [Display] is set to [On], detailed information, such as the video title, its playback icon, and elapsed playing time, etc., appears. The information disappears if this setting is set to [Off] [Details].

  • If [Video Orientation] is set to [Horiz. (right)], the video title is not displayed.