Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-7/ILCE-7R

About zoom scale

The zoom scale that is used in combination with the zoom of the lens changes according to the selected image size.

The following zoom scales are for full-size shooting, and the numbers in brackets are for APS-C size shooting.

[Zoom Setting]: [Optical zoom only]
[Image Size]: M Approx. 1.5× (Approx. 1.3×), S Approx. 2× (Approx. 2×)
[Zoom Setting]: [On:ClearImage Zoom]
[Image Size]: L Approx. 2× (Approx. 2×), M Approx. 3×*, Approx. 3.1×** (Approx. 2.6×), S Approx. 4× (Approx. 4×)
[Zoom Setting]: [On:Digital Zoom]
[Image Size]: L Approx. 4× (Approx. 4×), M Approx. 6.1× (Approx. 5.2×), S Approx. 8× (Approx. 8×)