Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-7/ILCE-7R

Switching the screen display (Shooting)

You can change the display contents on the screen.

  1. Press the DISP (Display Setting) button.
    Each time you press the DISP button, the recording information display changes as follows:
    Graphic DisplayDisplay All Info.No Disp. Info.HistogramLevelFor viewfinder* → Graphic Display

    Graphic Display

    Display All Info.

    No Disp. Info.



    For viewfinder*

    * [For viewfinder] is not displayed in viewfinder mode.

Some display methods are not displayed in the default settings.
The displayed screen varies depending on the setting of [DISP Button].


  • Histogram is not displayed during panorama shooting.
  • In movie mode, [For viewfinder] cannot be displayed.


  • You can select different settings for both the viewfinder and the monitor. Look through the viewfinder to set the display settings for the viewfinder.