Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-7/ILCE-7R

AF Micro Adj.

Allows you to adjust and register an autofocused position for each lens, when using an A-mount lens with the Mount Adaptor LA-EA2 or LA-EA4 (sold separately).

  1. Select MENU (Custom Settings)[AF Micro Adj.].
  2. Select [AF Adjustment Set.][On].
  3. [amount] → desired value.
    • You can select a value between −20 and +20. Selecting a positive value shifts the autofocused position away from the product. Selecting a negative value shifts the autofocused position closer to the product.


  • It is recommended that you adjust the position under actual shooting conditions.
  • When you attach a lens for which you have already registered a value, the registered value appears on the screen. [±0] appears for lenses for which a value has not yet been registered.
  • If [−] is displayed as the value, then a total of 30 lenses have been registered and no new lens can be registered. To register a new lens, attach a lens for which the registration can be erased, and set its value to [±0], or reset the values of all the lenses using [Clear].
  • Use [AF Micro Adj.] with Sony, Minolta, and Konica-Minolta lenses only. If you use [AF Micro Adj.] with other brands of lenses, the registered value may be affected. Do not perform [AF Micro Adj.] with an unsupported lens.
  • You cannot set [AF Micro Adj.] individually for a Sony, Minolta, and Konica-Minolta lens of the same specification.