Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-7/ILCE-7R

Specify Printing

You can specify in advance on the memory card which still images you want to print out later.

  1. MENU (Playback) → [Specify Printing] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Multiple Img.:
Selects images to order printing.

(1) Select an image and press on the center of the control wheel. A mark is displayed in the check box. To cancel the selection, press and delete the mark.

(2) Repeat step 1 to print other images.

(3) MENU[OK] on the center.

Cancel All:
Clears all DPOF marks.

Print Setting:
You can set whether to print the date on images registered with DPOF marks.

(1) Select [On] or [Off][Enter] in [Date Imprint].


  • You cannot add the DPOF mark to the following files:
    • Movies
    • RAW images