Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-7/ILCE-7R

Vertical grip

You can attach a VG-C1EM vertical grip (sold separately) to this product and record vertically oriented images. When attaching the vertical grip, remove the battery cover in advance. For details, refer to the operating instructions for the vertical grip.

How to remove the battery cover

Press the attaching/removing lever of this product while pulling the battery cover aside.

  • You can attach the removed battery cover to the vertical grip so that you do not lose it.
  • When a vertical grip is attached to this product, the battery remaining is displayed as .

How to attach the battery cover

Insert the shaft of the battery cover into the battery cover shaft opening, and slide the attaching/removing lever down to lock it.


  • When the vertical grip is attached, you cannot perform the following operations:
    • Charging the battery pack (If you want to charge the battery pack, insert it into the camera, not into the vertical grip.)
    • Using the AC-PW20 AC Adaptor (sold separately)