Digital Still CameraDSC-W830

Image Index

When you play back images, you can display multiple images at the same time.

  1. Set the camera to playback mode.
  2. Press the W button to display the image index screen.

    Press the button again to display an index screen with more images. Press the button yet again to view images with the Calendar while playing back in [Date View].

Displaying images of the desired folder

Select the left side bar with the control button, then select the desired folder with /.

Viewing images with the Calendar

When [View Mode] is set to [Date View] and the screen display is in index mode, press the W button to view images in the Calendar.

  • To select the month you want to display, select / using the control button, then the desired month.
  • To view images in the selected date in index mode, select the date using the control button, then press .
  • To cancel the calendar display and return to an index screen, select using the control button, then press .