Digital Still CameraDSC-W830


Images are automatically played back in succession.

  1. Set the camera to playback mode.
  2. MENU - (Slideshow) - desired slideshow - on the control button

(Continuous Playback):

Starts playback from the currently displayed image.

(Slideshow with music):

Plays back still images in succession along with effects and music.

Continuous Playback

  1. Select the desired image for playing with the control button.
  2. MENU - (Slideshow) - [Continuous Playback] -

Below are control button and action:

: Stop

: Sets display settings.

: Displays the volume control screen.

  • Adjust the volume with / on the control button, then press .

: Rewinds image.

: Forwards image.

Viewing panoramic images during continuous playback

The whole panoramic image is displayed for 3 seconds. You can scroll a panoramic image by pressing .

Slideshow with music

  1. MENU - (Slideshow) - [Slideshow with music] - on the control button
  2. Select a desired setting.
  3. [Start] -
  4. Press  to end the slideshow.


  • [Slideshow with music] is not available for panoramic images.

Playback Selection:

Selects the group of images to be shown.

All (Default setting): Plays a slideshow of all images in order.

This Date: Plays a slideshow of images with the currently selected date range when [View Mode] is [Date View].

Folder: Plays a slideshow of images in the currently selected folder in Folder View.


Selects the playback speed and mood for slideshows.

Simple (Default setting): A simple slideshow switching images at a preset interval. The playback interval is adjustable in [Interval] and you can thoroughly enjoy your images.

Nostalgic: A moody slideshow reproducing the atmosphere of a movie scene.

Stylish: A stylish slideshow proceeding at middle tempo.

Active: A high-tempo slideshow suitable for active scene.


Specifies the music to be played during slideshows. You can select more than one background music track. Press on the control button to display the volume control screen, then press  /  to adjust the volume.

Music1: The default setting for a [Simple] slideshow.

Music2: The default setting for a [Nostalgic] slideshow.

Music3: The default setting for a [Stylish] slideshow.

Music4: The default setting for a [Active] slideshow.

Muting: Does not use music.


  • Movies are played back without their audio.


Sets the screen switching interval. The setting is fixed to [Auto] when [Simple] is not selected as [Effects].

1 sec:

3 sec (Default setting):

5 sec:

10 sec:

Sets the display interval of images for a [Simple] slideshow.


The interval is set to suit the selected [Effects] item.

Selecting background music

You can transfer a desired music file from your CDs or MP3 files to the camera to play back during a slideshow. To transfer music, install the Music Transfer software to your computer.