Digital Still CameraDSC-W830


You can use the upload function by using a commercially available Eye-Fi card.

The menu screen of the auto upload function is displayed only when the Eye-Fi card is inserted in the memory card slot of the camera.

  1. MENU - (Settings) - (Main Settings) - [Eye-Fi] - desired mode -

On(Default setting):

Enables the upload function.

The Eye-Fi mode display icon on the screen will change depending on the communication mode of the Eye-Fi card.

: Eye-Fi card is in standby mode. There is no image to be sent.

: Eye-Fi card is in upload standby mode.

: Eye-Fi card is in connecting mode.

: Eye-Fi card is uploading images.

: An error has occurred.


Disables the upload function.


  • Eye-Fi cards are sold in the some countries or regions.
  • For more information on the Eye-Fi card, contact the manufacturer or seller of Eye-Fi cards directly.
  • Eye-Fi cards are permitted only in the countries and regions in which they were purchased. You may be held liable due to local restrictions.
  • The Eye-Fi card has a wireless LAN function. Do not insert the Eye-Fi card where wireless LAN is prohibited, such as while aboard an airplane. If the Eye-Fi card is inserted, set [Eye-Fi] to [Off]. When the uploading function of the Eye-Fi card is set to [Off], is displayed on the screen.

Transferring image data using the Eye-Fi card

  1. Set the wireless LAN access point settings or the transferring direction settings of the Eye-Fi card.

    For details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the Eye-Fi card.

  2. After the settings are finished, insert the Eye-Fi card into the camera, and shoot the images.

    The recorded images are automatically transferred via wireless LAN to a computer, etc.


  • When uploading image data, [Power Save] is not available.
  • If the (error) icon is displayed, eject and re-insert the Eye-Fi card, or turn the power of the camera off and on again. If the (error) icon is still displayed, the Eye-Fi card may be corrupted. For details, contact Eye-Fi, Inc.
  • Wireless LAN communication may be interrupted by other communication devices. If data reception is insufficient, move the camera closer to the access point.
  • Some Eye-Fi cards have an "Endless Memory Mode." This product does not support "Endless Memory Mode." Make sure that Eye-Fi cards that you insert into this product have "Endless Memory Mode" turned off. For details on setting "Endless Memory Mode", refer to the operating instructions supplied with the Eye-Fi card.