Digital Still CameraDSC-W830


Retouches a recorded image and saves it as a new file. The original image is retained.

  1. Set the camera to playback mode.
  2. MENU - (Retouch) - desired mode - on the control button
  3. Perform retouching according to the operation method in each mode.

(Trimming (Resize)):

Records a zoomed playback image.

  1. Press the T button to zoom in and press W to zoom out.
  2. Set the zoom point with the control button.
  3. MENU - select an image size to save - .

(Unsharp masking):

Sharpens the image within a chosen frame.

Select the area (frame) of the desired image to retouch with the control button - MENU.

  • Depending on the image, sufficient correction may not be applied and the image quality may deteriorate.


  • You cannot retouch the panoramic images or movies.