Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-PJ810/PJ810E/PJ820/PJ820E

Parts and controls (front/top)

  1. Built-in microphone
  2. Multi interface shoe

    For details on compatible accessories of the Multi interface shoe, visit the Sony website in your area, or consult your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.

    Operations with other manufacture’s accessories are not guaranteed. If you use a shoe adaptor (sold separately), you can also use accessories compatible with an Active Interface Shoe.

  3. Video light
  4. N mark

    NFC: Near Field Communication

  5. Lens (G lens)
  6. Remote sensor
  7. Camera recording lamp

    The camera recording lamp lights up in red during recording. The lamp flashes when the remaining recording media capacity or battery power is low.

  8. MANUAL button
  9. MANUAL dial