Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-PJ810/PJ810E/PJ820/PJ820E

Parts and controls (Wireless Remote Commander)

  1. DATA CODE button

    Displays the date and time and the camera settings data when you press this button during playback.

  2. PHOTO button

    The on-screen image when you press this button will be recorded as a still image.

  3. SCAN/SLOW buttons
  4. / (Previous/Next) buttons
  5. PLAY button
  6. STOP button
  7. DISPLAY button
  8. Transmitter
  9. START/STOP button
  10. Power zoom buttons
  11. PAUSE button
  12. VISUAL INDEX button

    Displays a VISUAL INDEX screen during playback.

  13. ////ENTER buttons

    When you press any of these buttons, the light blue frame appears on the LCD monitor. Select a desired button or an item with ///, then press ENTER to enter.