Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-PJ810/PJ810E/PJ820/PJ820E

Using this product supplying power from a wall outlet (wall socket)

Supply power to this product using the AC Adaptor.

  1. Attach the battery pack, and then pull out the Built-in USB Cable.

  2. Connect this product to a wall outlet (wall socket) using the USB connection support cable and the AC Adaptor.


  • The battery pack is not charged, even when the AC Adaptor is connected to this product, as long as the power is on.
  • To supply power via the AC Adaptor to this product, set [USB Power Supply] to [On]. Also, the battery pack must be attached to this product.
  • Even when connecting the AC Adaptor to this product, this product may subsidiarily use power from the battery pack depending on the environment in which you use this product.