Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-PJ810/PJ810E/PJ820/PJ820E

Playing movies and photos from the Event View screen

You can search for recorded images by date and time of recording (Event View).

  1. Open the LCD monitor and press (View Images) to enter the playback mode.
    • You can also operate by selecting (View Images) on the LCD monitor.

  2. Select / to move the desired event to the center () and then select it ().
    • This product displays recorded images as an event automatically, based on the date and time.

  3. Select the image.
    • This product plays from the selected image to the last image in the event.

  4. Select the appropriate buttons on the LCD monitor for various playback operations.

Buttons for playback operations

/: Previous/Next

: Delete

/: Fast-reverse/fast-forward

: Context

/: Play/Pause

: Stop

: Play/stop slide show

: Motion shot video


  • To prevent your image data from being lost, save all your recorded images on external media periodically.
  • Some buttons described above may not appear, depending on the image being played back.
  • In the default setting, a protected demonstration movie is pre-recorded.


  • As you repeat selecting / during playback, movies are played as fast as about 5 times - about 10 times - about 30 times - about 60 times.
  • Select / during pause to play movies slowly.
  • To repeat Slideshow, select - [Slideshow Set] when is selected with the Switch Image Type button.