Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-PJ810/PJ810E/PJ820/PJ820E

Playing back a short movie (Highlight Playback)

You can enjoy movies and photos as a short movie.

  1. Open the LCD monitor and press (View Images) to enter the playback mode.
    • You can also operate by selecting (View Images) on the LCD monitor.

  2. Display the desired event at the center of the Event View, and select [Highlight].

  3. Play a movie or a photo.

  4. Select the desired operation when the highlight playback finishes.

    A: This product plays the Highlight Playback scenes again.

    B: You can change the settings for Highlight Playback.

Buttons for playback operations

/: Previous/Next

: Volume

: Context

/: Play/Pause

: Stop


  • MP4 movies cannot be played using the Highlight Playback function.
  • Highlight Playback scenes will change each time you select a Highlight Playback.
  • The [Playback Range] setting is cleared when the Highlight Playback stops.
  • After the music file is transferred to this product, if you cannot play the music, the music file may be damaged. Delete the music file by selecting - [Setup] - [Playback Settings] - [Empty Music], then transfer the music file again. You can restore the music data recorded on this product at the default using “Music Transfer.” For operating instructions, see “Music Transfer” help (models with the USB IN/OUT jacks).
  • The audio used for the Highlight Playback will be converted to 2ch stereo.