Digital Still Camera DSC-WX350

Scene Selection

Allows you to shoot with preset settings according to the scene.

  1. Set the mode dial to SCN (Scene Selection).
  2. MENU(Camera Settings) → [Scene Selection] → desired mode.
    • When [Mode Dial Guide] is set to [On], you can select the desired settings after you have changed the position of the mode dial.

Menu item details

Blurs background and sharpens the subject. Accentuates the skin tones softly.

Shoots the entire range of a scenery in sharp focus with vivid colors.

Night Scene:
Shoots night scenes without losing the dark atmosphere.

Hand-held Twilight:
Shoots night scenes with less noise and blur without using a tripod. A burst of shots are taken, and image processing is applied to reduce subject blur, camera-shake, and noise.

Night Portrait:
Shoots night scene portraits using the flash.

Anti Motion Blur:
Allows you to shoot indoor shots without using the flash and reduces subject blur. The product shoots burst images and combines them to create the image, reducing subject blur and noise.

Backlight Corr. HDR:
Allows you to shoot three images using different exposures to create a single image with a greater range of gradation.

Allows you to shoot images of your pet with the best settings.

Allows you to shoot food arrangements in delicious and bright colors.

Allows you to shoot scenes on the beach in bright and vivid colors even under the sunlight.

Allows you to shoot clear images, preventing sunken colors in snowy scenes or other places where the whole screen appears white.

Allows you to shoot images of fireworks in all their splendor.

Soft Skin:
Allows you to shoot images of faces with a smoother look.

High Sensitivity:
Allows you to shoot still images even in dark locations without using the flash, and reduces subject blur. Also allows you to shoot dark movie scenes more brightly.


  • In the [Night Scene], [Night Portrait] and [Fireworks] modes, the shutter speed is slower, so use of a tripod is recommended to prevent the image from blurring.
  • In the [Hand-held Twilight] or [Anti Motion Blur] mode, the shutter clicks 4 times and an image is recorded.
  • Reducing blur is less effective even in [Hand-held Twilight] or [Anti Motion Blur] when shooting the following subjects:
    • Subjects with erratic movement.
    • Subjects that are too close to the product.
    • Subjects with continuously similar patterns, such as the sky, a beach, or a lawn.
    • Subjects with constant change such as waves or water falls.
  • In the case of [Hand-held Twilight] or [Anti Motion Blur], block noise may occur when using a light source that flickers, such as fluorescent lighting.