Using the menu on the TV screen

You can display the menu of the receiver on the TV screen.

  1. Switch the input of the TV to the input to which the receiver is connected.
  2. Press HOME to display the home menu on the TV screen.

  3. Press /// repeatedly to select the menu you want, then press to enter the menu.

Home menu items

Watch: Select to display video from the connected device.

Listen: Select to listen to sound from the connected device.

Custom Preset: Select to save various settings for the receiver and recall those settings.

Sound Effects: Select to enjoy sound effects.

Settings: Select to adjust the various settings for the receiver.


  • When [OPTIONS] appears in the lower right portion of the TV screen, you can display the function list by pressing OPTIONS and selecting a related function.
  • To return to the previous screen, press RETURN.
  • To exit the menu, press HOME to display the home menu, then press HOME again.