Registering a TV SideView device to the receiver

You can control the receiver by touch-pad operation of a mobile device, tablet device, etc. with TV SideView installed. You need to register your mobile device to the receiver as a remote device (for the first time only).

  1. Select [Settings] - [Network Settings] from the home menu.
  2. Select [TV SideView Setup].
  3. Select [Registration of Devices].
  4. Select [Start].

    The receiver starts to detect TV SideView devices.

    Operate the TV SideView device to be registered. Please note that the receiver will exit the registration if no device is detected in 30 seconds.

  5. Select [Finish].


  • Up to five TV SideView devices can be registered to the device list. If five devices have already been registered, the device cannot be added to the list. In this case, delete unnecessary devices from the list.
  • To start DLNA playback from the TV SideView device, the device needs to be able to control the receiver in [DLNA Control Permission]. For details, see “Setting control permissions to all devices on the home network (DLNA Control Permission).”


  • Download TV SideView from one of the following services according to your mobile device:
    • Google Play (for mobile devices Android OS)
    • App Store (for iPhone or iPad)