Listening to FM/AM radio

You can listen to FM and AM broadcasts through the built-in tuner. Before operation, be sure you have connected the FM and AM antennas (aerials) to the receiver.

  1. Select [Listen] - [FM TUNER] or [AM TUNER] from the home menu.

    The FM/AM screen appears.

FM/AM screen

You can select and operate each item on the screen by pressing /// and .

  1. Band indication

    You can select [FM] or [AM] by pressing / repeatedly.

  2. Frequency indication

    You can tune to a station automatically by pressing / repeatedly (Auto Tuning).

    Press to scan from lower to higher frequency stations or press to scan from higher to lower stations.

    The receiver stops scanning whenever a station is received.

  3. Preset station list

    You can tune to a station by selecting the preset number from the list.