4K Media PlayerFMP-X10

Sound output is interrupted.

  • If you connect your TV to an AV receiver and output audio signals from the 4K Media Player via the AV receiver using the ARC (Audio Return Channel) function, sound output may be interrupted depending on the combination of devices. In this case, connect the AV receiver to the HDMI OUT 2 (for AUDIO) jack of the 4K Media Player to output audio signals.
  • When 4K Video content with a high bitrate is played, sound output may be interrupted.

    For details on the restrictions on playable video content, see “Playable video file formats.”

    If you are playing video content from a USB device connected to the (USB) port on the front of the 4K Media Player, the interruption may be resolved by copying the content on the USB device to the 4K Media Player and playing the content from the 4K Media Player instead.