4K Media PlayerFMP-X5

Configuring the internet connection

Check the network environment requirements and then connect the 4K Media Player to the internet via a wired LAN connection.

Required network environment

LAN (100) port:


(The network speed may differ depending on the network environment.)

LAN cable:

  • We recommend using a LAN cable that is Cat5 or higher. A normal-type cable is also recommended, as some flat-type LAN cables are easily affected by noise.
  • If the receiver is used in an environment with power supply noise from electronic devices or in a noisy network environment, use a shielded-type LAN cable.


  • Use a router that is compatible with transmission speeds of 16 Mbps or faster to enjoy Netflix. If the transmission speed is less than 16 Mbps, 4K content is streamed at a lower image quality.


Connect the 4K Media Player to the internet via a wired LAN connection as illustrated below.

: LAN (100) port of the 4K Media Player

: LAN cable (not supplied)

: Internet

: Modem

: Router