IC RecorderICD-SX733/SX734/SX1000

Changing a file name

You can rename a file by prefixing characters from a desired template to the file name. A file in the recordable area can be renamed. You can choose characters to be added from the templates.

  1. Select the file which you want to rename from the tab of the folder list.
  2. In the stop mode, select MENU - the tab - “Change File Name,” and then press .

  3. Press or to select the desired characters to be prefixed to the file name, and then press .

    Executing...” appears in the display window and the selected characters are added to the file name separated from it by an underscore (_).

    (e.g. If “A” is added to the file 131215_001.mp3: A_ 131215_001.mp3)

  4. Press souni_stopSTOP to exit the menu mode.


  • You cannot change the name of a protected file. To change the file name, release the protection first.
  • You cannot change names of music or podcast files.
  • You can rename the files in the recordable area (under the tab) only.


  • You can use the Sound Organizer software to rename a file.