IC RecorderICD-SX733/SX734/SX1000

Display of the current file information


  • The window shown above displays indications, numbers or items for explanatory purposes. The actual window may differ from those displayed here.
  1. Current file information

    When a file that has been recorded using the IC recorder is selected and the IC recorder is stopped, you can check the file information by pressing souni_stopSTOP. The file information appears for about 60 seconds. You can scroll the display by pressing or .

    The following information will be displayed.

    • Rec Date/Time: Displays the date and time recorded (y (year), m (month), d (day), and time).
    • File Length: Displays the length of the file (h (hour), m (minute), and s (second)).
    • Model Name: Displays the name of the device on which the current file was recorded. The model name that appears for “Model:” in the “System Information” will be displayed in this area.
    • Scene: Displays the Scene Select setting in effect when the file was recorded.
    • REC Mode: Displays the recording mode of the file.
    • Sensitivity setting: Displays the type of the microphone and the sensitivity settings in effect when the file was recorded.
    • LCF(Low Cut): Displays the “LCF(Low Cut)” setting in effect when the file was recorded.
    • LIMITER: Displays the LIMITER setting in effect when the file was recorded.
    • VOR: Displays the VOR (Voice Operated Recording) setting in effect when the file was recorded.
    • Input: Displays the input method (“Built-in Stereo Mic,” “Built-in Zoom Mic,” “Ext. (MIC IN),” or “Ext. (Audio IN)”) used when the file was recorded.


  • File information other than “Rec Date/Time” and “File Length” will be displayed only when the file has been recorded with the IC recorder you use.


  • If you do not attempt to operate the IC recorder for 60 seconds, the file information disappears and the display returns to the stop mode display. If you go back to the stop mode display immediately, press souni_stopSTOP.