IC RecorderICD-SX733/SX734/SX1000

Selecting a folder and a file

You can select a folder and a file for recording, playing or editing.

  1. In the stop mode and the playback mode, press (folder).
    The folder selection window is displayed.
  2. Select a folder.

    Press or to select the desired folder, and then press .

    To display the files contained in the selected folder, press or to select the folder, and then press .

    When you purchase the IC recorder, there are 5 folders already available (FOLDER01-05).

  3. Select a file.

    When the file selection window is displayed, press or to select the desired file, and then press .

    When the stop mode window is displayed, you can switch files by pressing and .


  • The illustrations used in this Help Guide are based on the ICD-SX1000 model. These illustrations may look different from the model you are using, however, the buttons and controls used for operations are the same.