IC RecorderICD-SX733/SX734/SX1000

Recording with an external microphone

You can record sound using an externally connected microphone.
  1. Connect an external microphone () to the jack when the IC recorder is in the stop mode.

    Ext. Input Setting” appears in the display window. If “Ext. Input Setting” is not displayed, set it in the menu.
  2. Press or to select “MIC IN,” and then press .
  3. Press souni_stopSTOP to exit the menu mode.
  4. Press souni_recREC/PAUSE to start recording.

    The built-in microphones are automatically cut off.

    If the input level is too high or too low, adjust it using the “Sensitivity setting” for “MIC IN” in the “Ext. Input Setting” menu.

    When a plug in power type microphone is connected, power is automatically supplied to the microphone from the IC recorder.


  • The illustrations used in this Help Guide are based on the ICD-SX1000 model. These illustrations may look different from the model you are using, however, the buttons and controls used for operations are the same.


  • You can use a headphone-type electret condenser microphone (not supplied) to record sound from a telephone or a cell phone. For details on how to make the connection, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the microphone.
  • You can set “Sensitivity setting” for “MIC IN” in step 2.