IC RecorderICD-SX733/SX734/SX1000

Selecting the memory using the menu (Select Memory)

You can select the memory media on which you want to store a file, or which contains the file you want to play, edit, or copy.

  1. In the stop mode, select MENU - the tab - “Select Memory,” and then press .

  2. Press or to select “Built-In Memory” or “Memory Card,” and then press .
  3. Press souni_stopSTOP to exit the menu mode.

Descriptions of menu items

You can select one of the menu items available.

Built-In Memory:

The built-in memory of the IC recorder is selected.

(Initial setting)

Memory Card:

The memory card inserted in the memory card slot is selected.


  • When no memory card is currently inserted in the IC recorder, the built-in memory is automatically selected.