Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-5100

Cleaning the image sensor

Follow the steps below to clean the image sensor.

  1. Turn off the product.
  2. Remove the lens.
  3. Blow off dust on and around the image sensor surface using a blower for camera cleaning.
  4. Attach the lens.


  • A blower is not supplied with this product. Use a commercially available blower for camera cleaning.
  • Do not use a spray-type blower as doing so may scatter water droplets inside the product body.
  • Do not insert the tip of the blower into the cavity beyond the lens mount area, in order to make sure that the tip of the blower does not touch the image sensor.
  • Hold the camera facing slightly downward so that the dust falls out.
  • Do not expose the product to any shock during cleaning.
  • When cleaning the image sensor with a blower, do not blow too hard. If you blow on the sensor too hard, the inside of the product may be damaged.
  • If the dust remains even after you have performed cleaning as described, consult your service facility.