Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-5100

Number of still images

The number of still images may vary depending on the shooting conditions and the memory card.

[Image Size]: [L: 24M]
When [Aspect Ratio] is set to [3:2]*


2GB: 330 images

4GB: 660 images

8GB: 1340 images

16GB: 2700 images

32GB: 5400 images

64GB: 10500 images


2GB: 200 images

4GB: 410 images

8GB: 820 images

16GB: 1650 images

32GB: 3300 images

64GB: 6600 images


2GB: 54 images

4GB: 105 images

8GB: 220 images

16GB: 440 images

32GB: 880 images

64GB: 1750 images


2GB: 74 images

4GB: 145 images

8GB: 300 images

16GB: 600 images

32GB: 1200 images

64GB: 2400 images

*When the [Aspect Ratio] is set to other than [3:2], you can record more pictures than shown above. (Except when [Quality] is set to [RAW].)


  • Even if the number of remaining shootable images is greater than 9,999, the “9999” indicator appears.
  • When an image shot with other products is played back on this product, the image may not appear in the actual image size.