Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-5100

Using flash

In dark environments, use the flash to light up the subject while shooting and to prevent camera-shake. When shooting against the sun, use the flash to lighten the image of the backlit subject.

  1. Press the (Flash pop-up) button to pop up the flash.

  2. Press the shutter button fully down.

When you do not use the flash

When not using the flash, press it back into the camera body.


  • If you fire the flash before the flash unit pops up entirely, it may cause malfunction.
  • You cannot use the flash when recording movies.
  • While charging the flash, flashes. After charging is completed, the flashing icon will light up.
  • The light of the flash may be blocked by the lens attached.
  • The corners of a recorded image may be shaded, depending on the lens.
  • When the monitor is tilted upward more than 90 degrees, it is difficult to operate the (Flash pop-up) button. Raise the flash unit before adjusting the monitor angle.
  • When using flash to shoot pictures of yourself, be careful not to look directly at the light, because the flash will go off at a close distance. To prevent the flash from hitting the monitor when you press it back down into the camera body after use, first return the monitor to its original position.