AF Frame Move Amt

Sets the distance by which the focusing frame is moved when [Focus Area] is set to [Flexible Spot], etc. You can quickly move the focusing frame by increasing the distance, such as in situations where the subject is moving a lot.

  1. MENU (Camera Settings1) → [AF Frame Move Amt] → desired setting.

Menu item details

The focusing frame moves by the standard distance.
The focusing frame moves over a greater distance at a time than with [Standard].


  • When [Swt. AF Frame Move hold] is assigned to the desired key using [Custom Key] or [Custom Key], the [AF Frame Move Amt] setting temporarily switches while the key is pressed.
  • If any of the following functions is assigned to the control dial or control wheel using [My Dial Settings], you can move the focusing frame by the distance determined for each function, regardless of the setting for [AF Frame Move Amt].
    • [Move AF Frame : L]
    • [Move AF Frame : L]
    • [Move AF Frame : Std]
    • [Move AF Frame : Std]


  • When using the LA-EA4 mount adapter, the focusing frame will move by the distance designated with [Standard] even if [Large] is selected.