Smartphone Connect

You can adjust settings related to smartphone connection.
  1. MENU(Network) → [Smartphone Connect] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Smartphone Connection:
Sets whether to connect the camera and a smartphone. ([On] / [Off])
Displays the QR Code or SSID used to connect the camera to a smartphone.
Cnct. while Power OFF:
Sets whether to accept Bluetooth connections from a smartphone while the camera is turned off. ([On] / [Off])
Remote Shoot Setting:
Configures settings for images saved when performing remote shooting using a smartphone. ([Still Img. Save Dest.] / [ Save Image Size] / [RAW+J Save Image])
Always Connected:
Sets whether to always connect the camera and a smartphone that has previously been connected. ([On] / [Off])
If this item is set to [On], once you connect the camera to a smartphone, you do not need to perform the connection procedure on the camera again. If it is set to [Off], connect the camera and the smartphone manually when you want to connect them.


  • If [Always Connected] is set to [On], the power consumption will be greater than when it is set to [Off].