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Preparing to Control an AV Receiver

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If AV Receiver Setup is completed in the Initial Setup, you can control the AV Receiver using the Keypad.

To control the AV Receiver, press AMP to light up the AMP indicator and activate AV Receiver control. Point the Keypad to the unit, and use the following keys (keys with orange dots):

  • (BD/EXT): turns on/off the AV Receiver
  • INPUT: changes the input of the AV Receiver
  • VOL: changes the volume up (+) or down (-) of the AV Receiver
  • MUTING: silences the volume of the AV Receiver


  • The AMP indicator turns off after 30 seconds, or if you press AMP while the AMP indicator is on. This ends control of the AV Receiver.


  • Press Fn + AMP, the AMP indicator turns on for two seconds. This allows you to continuously control the AV Receiver using (ON/STANDBY) /INPUT/VOL. Pressing (ON/STANDBY) does not turn off the unit.
    To return to normal control, press Fn + AMP until the AMP indicator blinks four times.

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If AV Receiver Setup is not completed

  1. 1. Connect an IR Blaster to the unit and place it properly on the AV Receiver.

  2. 2. Press Fn + 1 and select [TV & AVR] - [AV Receiver setting].

  3. 3. Check the box next to [Control with IR Blaster].

  4. 4. Select the manufacturer of the AV Receiver, then set the IR Blaster code for the AV Receiver.

To verify the IR Blaster code

Select [IR Blaster test] in the AV Receiver setting.

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